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Once you purchase and burn a candle, keep your container and order a refill.

Choose your fragrance and head to the checkout.

How it works:

Preparing your container

  • Place your container into a shallow dish of hot water and leave for 2 minutes
  • Remove the disk of wax
  • Wash the container in warm soapy water
  • Dry the container


Preparing your refill

  • Stick the new safety label onto the bottom of your container
  • Carefully remove the candle refill from its packaging
  • Place the refill into the container
  • Light and enjoy!


These refills are designed specifically for nataliegill candle containers from the Original Collection. Please do not burn them alone as it may pose a fire risk.


Please note the container is not included within the Refill purchase.

Remember - each candle is reusable, refillable, recyclable.



As each candle is made to order, please allow 5-7 working days from the date of purchase for your product to arrive.


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