About Natalie

First and foremost, thank you for supporting my business and taking the time to visit my website.

For many years now, I’ve loved the idea of giving someone a gift that’s hand made. In particular, for birthdays or at Christmas time. It wasn’t the excitement of opening my own presents on Christmas Day that I enjoyed, but the anticipation of watching someone else unwrapping their hand crafted gifts.

Initially, this started with items of knitting that I created for family and friends. However, the more I’ve matured, the more I’ve appreciated a simple, elegant and beautifully scented candle. And so I thought to myself - surely I can make my own?

With help from a friend, I quickly learned the method of candle making and developed a passion for the hobby, just as I had done for knitting. 

Consequently, family and friends were now receiving candles rather than their annual knitted product. With more and more people suggesting that I try to sell my candles, I eventually thought to myself - why not give it a go? 

So, here I am - hand crafting simple, elegant and beautifully scented soy candles, just for you.