Caring for your Candle

Want to make sure you get the most out of your beautiful candle? 

Here are a few tips to help you look after your candle at home.

Wick length:

If you'd like your wick to keep burning brightly, it's important to trim it after each use. I recommend approximately 5mm to ensure the soot, that's often left behind after the flame has been extinguished, has been removed. 

Burning your candle:

To maximise your candle's life, I would advise monitoring the burn time to ensure the melt pool is consistent. Your candle will create a melt pool after the first usage, which is when the top layer becomes liquidated. If it burns for less than three hours, it may result in an uneven pool and start to tunnel on future lightings. For this reason, I suggest lighting the candle for at least three hours on the first occasion. Subsequent burns should not exceed four hours.

Once you have burnt the wax down to approximately 10mm it's time to say goodbye to your candle to avoid damaging the container or the surface it's resting on. But don't forget - you can keep your container and order a refill. It couldn't be any easier!

Location of candle: 

Make sure you place your candle on a heatproof surface as the container can become very hot upon lighting. Avoid draughty areas as this can cause the wax to burn unevenly and it isn't safe. Keep all candles out of reach from young children and pets.  

Finally, please be conscious not to leave your candle unattended and never burn it near anything that may catch fire.